Courses in Modern Spiritualism by Rev. Ronald L. Koch

Courses in Modern Spiritualism.

I have three home study courses in Modern Spiritualism to offer you.

1. History of Modern Spiritualism,

2. Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism and

3. Educational Course in Ministry.

Each course is a home study course that is to be completed in a few months to 2 years. Upon completion of each course, the student will receive on of several certifies related to the course content. Example. Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism, Educational Course in the History of Modern Spiritualism.

The Course in the History of Modern Spiritualism, based on Sir Author Conan Doyle's two volume book "History of Modern Spiritualism". The course give an in- depth narrative which covers in a way the whole history of the Spiritualistic movement. It provides a clear view of what seemed to be important episodes in the modern spiritual development of the human race. These included the chapters on Swedenborg, on Irving, on A. J. Davis, on the Hydesville incident, on the history of the Fox sisters, on the Eddys and on the life of D. D. Home and many many more gifted mediums and the scientists who investigated them.

The Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism is for those who want to learn about Modern Spiritualism and as a pre-request for those who want to be ordained as a Spiritualist minister.

The Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism consist of 20 lessons that have questions at the end of each lesson that are to be filled out and sent to me by email to me for grading (one or more at a time). Upon completion of the Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism, the student may wish to start the Educational Course in Ministry which leads to ordination as a Spiritualist minister, if desired.

The Ministry course provides valuable information that a minister will need in order to properly conduct him/herself as a minister, counseling, conduct devotional services along with numerous other services that a minister may conduct in his/her church. Being ordained will allow the minister to apply for a certificate from there state/provincial government, and upon receipt, conduct wedding services______________________________

Contents - Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism

1. Short History of Modern Spiritualism

2. Spiritualism as an Organization

3. Spiritualism and Science

4. Natural laws which are God’s laws

5. Death and Dying

6. Heaven and Hell

7. Spiritual Guides

8. Spiritual Phenomena 1

9. Spiritual Phenomena 2

10. Physical Mediumship 1

11. Physical Mediumship 2

12. Physical Mediumship 3

13. Mental Mediumship 1

14. Mental Mediumship 2

15. Mental Mediumship 3

16. Meditation

17. Ancient Healing

18. Spiritual Healing 1

19. Spiritual Healing 2

20. Comparative Religion

Contents - Educational Course in Ministry


General Information

Preparation for the Devotional Service

Platform Decorum

Midweek Devotional Service

Weekly Devotional Service

Possible Devotional Service

Healing Service

Christmas Service

Another Christmas Service

Easter Service

Thanksgiving Service

Patriotic Service

Certicate Services

Speaker Demonstrator/Mediumship

Spiritual Healer

Ambassador of Good Will

Dedication of Church Building

Dedication of a Church Piano or Organ

Ordination of License Minister

Rite of Ordination

Development Classes

Naming Service

Visiting the Sick

The Wedding

The Funeral

Purpose of the Church of Spiritual Illumination

The purpose of the Church of Spiritual Illumination is to provide religious devotional services pertaining to Modern Spiritualism and for the spiritual growth of the churches membership.

To teaching the churches congregate how to develop spiritually through various development classes on subjects pertaining to the highest standards of morality, honesty and respect of others.

To provide a training program for individuals, who so desire, classes and workshops that will enlighten them on the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism.

To provide the highest caliber of training that will prepare the congregate, who so desires, to become an ordained minister of Modern Spiritualism and the teachings of the Church of Spiritual Illumination.

That the ministers of the church will be recognized by other Spiritualists churches, in Canada and other countries for the high standards of teaching provided by the ministry of the church as they pertaining to the science, philosophy and religion of Modern Spiritualism.

That the ministers of the church will be able to conduct devotional services, dedication and certificate services, administer at funerals services, baptize members in accordance with Spiritualist teaching, conduct workshops and oversee workshops given by highly trained and qualified instructors.

To promote the teachings of Spiritualism. The seven principles of the Church of Spiritual Illumination are:

1. We believe in the Fatherhood of God

2. The brotherhood/sisterhood of all humanity 3. The immortality of the soul and of its personal characteristics

4. The proven facts of communion between departed human spirits and mortals

5. We believe the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

6. Personal responsibility, with compensation and retribution hereafter, for all the good and evil deeds done here

7. A path of eternal progress open to every human soul.

Due to the increase in cost of material and mailing, the price of the Course in the History of Modern Spiritualism in $50.00 U.S., by a bank money order.

The cost includes the mailing of the course's workbook, before and after grading.

The Educational Course in Modern Spiritualism is $100.00 U.S. by bank money order.

The course is printed in a book that includes all 20 lessons emailed or by post to the student in the U. S. A. or Canada, other countries will be higher as required by Canadian Post.

Note: The answer sheets in each lesson is to be submitted to me by email for grading.

The Course in Ministry is $150.00 U.S. by a bank money order. NO postal money orders will be accepted.

All emailed and printed material was originally created in Microsoft word.

My Bio

I was born in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, Harmony. I have three brothers and a sister. In May of 1952, my parents moved the family from Pennsylvania to California. In 1960 I graduated from Pasadena City College as an Electronic Engineering Technician. In 19750 I became a teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District and in1975 graduated from California State University at Los Angeles with a BA. MR. I moved to Quebec in 1978 where I worked as an electronic technician and taught electronics at Vanier College for 18 years in their Adult Education Department. In 1984 I stared taking mediumship development and other workshops/classes with Dr. Marilyn Rossner and Rev. Eva at the Spiritual Science Fellowship and the International Temple of Spiritual Revelations in Montreal. In 2005 I was ordained by Rev. Robert Johnstone and in 2009

I became an ordained minister with the Spiritualist Church of Canada, Canada's national Spiritualist Association.

I served as a minister/medium at the Spiritual Science Fellowship and at the International Temple of Spiritual Revelations in Montreal.

I served as the resident minister/medium at Camp Madison and Temple Heights Spiritual Camp in state of Maine, U. S. A.

I have certificate in healing, lectures, workshop leader and I am a certified medium.

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